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Let me start with explanation that BEEN KATE has nothing to do with any Kate. BEN KATE means initials of the closest people of her who always support her in all of activities she takes.

Been Kat is a woman, quite principled and very obstinate (she prefers to call herself as consistent one) with really vivid imagination, what led her to this place and moment. This place is working with a wood. Creating forms which are not only eye-catchers but also hand-catchers. Attaining such shape and structure of wood that would affect on subconscious of recipient inspiring to touch carved figure. That’s our dream. Meanwhile BEEN KATE is at the beginning of its journey so it focuses on training workshop and simple forms.

If these forms speak to your taste as well we would like to invite you to this development.

If you’d like to express your opinion you can use a form „Contact”, we are really interested in all your suggestions.

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