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Mrs.Magda Bodnarowska learned about flat embroidery, Richelieu embroidery, crocheting and knitting while still at home.

An adventure with shuttle lace, the so-called She started tatting in 2002. A guide to the secrets of this handicraft were English-language Internet publications, which, combined with the artist's persistence, allowed her to achieve her masterful skills. Since recreating patterns has become too easy for Mrs. Magda, for some time she has been successfully developing her designs for bracelets, pendants, necklaces, collars, earrings, Christmas decorations, napkins and other gems.

The lace maker works most willingly with metallic threads in the colors of gold, copper, silver and red, which match the sophisticated pattern of tatting lace. He enriches his products with pearls, beads, and precious stones.

Of course, it also deals with cotton thread products,

in various color combinations and in various shapes. This jewelry is very popular because it allows you to combine it

with almost any outfit.

Ms Magda is involved in decorating wedding dresses, evening dresses with lace, she makes lace inserts for shirts, dresses, nightgowns and other parts of the outfit or wardrobe.

The tool for making lace is a shuttle with which our creator never parted, because you can always and everywhere devote yourself to passion :)

For many years, Ms Magda has been participating in numerous fairs and fairs, handicraft fairs in Nowy Sącz, Krzeszowice, Zabierzów and Chorzów.

He also comes to the National Meetings of Embroidery Lovers

in Ustroń.

He is eagerly involved in the activities of various foundations, such as the Small Orchestra of Great Aid in Oświęcim.

She is a veeery positively crazy person, cheerful, crazy, kind, warm.

In her home, she has set up a studio where, over coffee and pleasant conversation, she introduces us to the world of shuttle lace.

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