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Gray vase

​Siwak - a vase made of clay will diversify any space. The minimalist form, neutral graphite color and interesting hand-made decorations are the hallmarks of this traditional, folk vessel. The history of its production is extremely fascinating, so if you focus on decorations with a "soul" and a long tradition, the offer of the Metiisto online store is for you.

How is gray ceramics made?

The siwak vase is rolled on a potter's wheel and then placed on wooden shelves for 3-4 weeks to dry. After this time, the vessel is pre-treated, which includes smoothing, grinding, removing blemishes and decorating. A piece of flint is most often used for smoothing, which makes the clay smooth and begins to reflect light.  Decorating is done using a rite. The vase prepared in this way goes to the furnace, where it is fired. Only traditional wood-burning stoves are suitable for this. Firing takes place at a temperature of about 950 degrees Celsius and takes several hours. In the final stage, the furnace is tightly closed, which stops the oxygen supply. And it is this last stage that gives the vase its characteristic gray color.

Vase type "gray" - for which interior?

The siwak clay vase will emphasize the beauty of any floral composition and will work well in many interiors. Its neutral gray color goes well with subdued colors such as white, black, brown and beige, as well as intense reds. Siwak fits best in modern and rustic interiors. It is favored by the presence of such accessories as potted flowers and mirrors. It will also be perfect as a pot cover.

Siwak - a vase available in the Metiisto store

Our gray shoes are made in a pottery workshop where the dishes have been rolling for four generations, so we are sure that we offer products made in accordance with the art of this craft and with the utmost care. To enjoy such an ornament in your home, you only need to choose the shape and theme of decoration from among the many available vases. Metiisto's offer also includes ceramic jugs and flower pots. Siwak is also a great gift idea, so if you're looking for inspiration, you've just found it!

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