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Lace  Jewellery

Lace is a product of applied art with a clear artistic value, which finds more and more applications. It is not only lace napkins, elements of clothes or underwear, but more and more popular lace jewelry - full of delicacy, romance and giving an individual style to each woman who wears it. Tatting lace jewelry available in the Metiisto online store is an expression of the greatest craftsmanship and precision, as well as a guarantee of the highest quality materials used to create it. The use of metallized threads gives it a chic and makes it as noble as gold or silver jewelry. Accessories in the style of Japanese Toho beads or pearls give it an individual character.

Tatting lace - how is it made?

Tatting is made by tying knots. Picots, circles and bows are the most popular patterns. There are many ways to combine them, thus creating unlimited possibilities in jewelry making. To enrich a bracelet or earrings, simply add additional elements such as beads or pearls. It is an art that requires great patience and manual skills. In Metiisto, lace jewelry is created by several talented artists, including Magdalena Bodnarowska.

Lace in the form of jewelry - what to wear?

The boho style loves lace very much, so if you wear long dresses, tunics on a daily basis, prefer loose cuts, airy and light materials, then light as a feather, natural lace jewelry is for you. It will also go well with glamor stylizations - elegant, extravagant clothes cannot do without visible accessories that will add character to the whole. Quite large sizes and precision of workmanship make the unique jewelry made of lace eye-catching, so it is perfect for such stylizations.  In their case, choose jewelry made of metallized threads with the addition of pearls that add elegance to the whole. Lace jewelry will ennoble the look of evening and ball gowns, and at the same time will give lightness to everyday stylizations.

Lace jewelry - prices

The prices of lace earrings start from about PLN 20. In turn, bracelets from about 30 zlotys. Jewelery sets, necklaces and chokers cost over PLN 100. Prices can reach even several hundred zlotys in the case of time-consuming projects and used expensive materials or products on special order.

Lace jewelry - Metiisto shop

In the Metiisto online store you will find:

  • lace choker necklaces,

  • lace pendants for necklaces,

  • lace bracelets,

  • lace earrings.


When you buy from us, you can be sure that you are getting unique jewelry made by hand by talented artists. Seemingly delicate material is as durable as other types of lace. We offer both individual categories of jewelry and complete sets. Lace jewelry is a great gift idea for mom, sister or friend.

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