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Wooden bowls

Wooden bowls are an alternative to modern glass and porcelain dishes. Many of the wooden bowls available in our store are intricate works of folk art, which were made by hand using methods known and used for centuries. These are real gems of bygone times that will give your kitchen or dining room an old Polish atmosphere. In addition to raw wood bowls, we also recommend beautiful and practical oiled bowls, in which you can store moist or dyed products without fear.

Each wooden bowl is perfect as a decorative plate for fruit, nuts, sweets or herbs or as an original decoration. Check out our collection of bowls made of various types of wood (e.g. alder, aspen, walnut, birch, oak or larch) and choose a unique accessory that emphasizes the natural beauty of its rings.

How is a wooden bowl available in the store made?

At you will find, among others, carefully selected handicrafts. A wooden bowl made by Mr. Mieczysław Baranowski is an expression of folk art in its traditional edition, which we are trying to promote. Each of his products is created in the workshop of an experienced spoon maker who has been working with wood for many years. The cups are made of carefully selected alder or aspen trees. It is obtained from the forest on its own, then dried and properly prepared for further processing.

A wooden bowl, board or spoon created by a spoon maker is made with the use of simple tools (axes, carpenters, planing and smoothing knives) that have been used for generations to process raw wood and transform it into kitchen accessories. Traditional techniques allow you to obtain very stylish products - on their surface, the natural arrangement of rings, characteristic for a given species, is visible. The durability and beauty of wood enchanted in such bowls and cups will allow you to gain functional dishes that are distinguished by their designer design. An accessory in this style will perfectly harmonize with rustic, vintage, boho, classic and more arrangements.

We also offer bowls and wooden boards manufactured by Natural Woods Live. They are made of natural wood, but they are additionally protected (e.g. oiled with linseed or tung oil or waxed with beeswax). They do not absorb odors, do not dye and are resistant to wet products. You can wash them with water with a mild detergent and periodically wipe them with linseed oil - thanks to this they will keep their beautiful appearance for a very long time.

Handmade wooden bowl

A stylish wooden bowl is a practical addition to your kitchen. You can use it for sweets or fruit or for serving snacks. Many bowls come with matching wooden spoons for free. Oiled bowls (and raw bowls, which you will additionally protect with a suitable preparation) can be used for storing or serving moist or coloring products. We also recommend wooden kitchen boards ideal for cheese, cold cuts, skewers, finger foods and other snacks.

A wooden bowl is not only a useful kitchen utensil - it will look beautiful as an effective decoration for a living room, bedroom or other interior. You can place colorful scented candles on it, scatter decorative pebbles or use it to display other small items. Have lots of ideas and love to create your own creations? A wooden bowl made of raw material is the perfect material for designing home-made decorations. Paint fancy patterns on its surface, create decoupage and put it on a shelf or give it to someone as a gift.

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