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Ms Karolina grew up in the Janów commune. Her grandmother Aurelia Majewska, an outstanding weaver, collaborated with artist Eleonora Plutyńska, the initiator of the revival of folk weaving in Janów Podlaski and Sokółka.

Karolina started weaving in 2013 under the supervision of her mother-in-law Danuta Radulska. In the same year, she won second prize in a competition organized in Janów Podlaski. A year later, in the next competition - the first.

Despite her short internship, Karolina's works are characterized by professional, careful execution and compositional maturity. The artist does not limit her creativity to traditional patterns. Taking inspiration from nature, it develops themes and compositions, giving them a new form.

Karolina's works are very popular among collectors both in Poland and abroad.

We can admire them in the Podlasie Museum of Folk Culture in Białystok and in the Double Weaving Chamber in Janów, which Ms Karolina looks after and where she conducts workshops, and introduces tourists to the history of weaving.

Karolina Radulska.jpg
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