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Mrs. Lucyna was born in Janów. The love for weaving grew thanks to my grandmother and mother, who also specialized in this field. Mrs. Lucyna made the first fabric at the age of 14.

The offer includes carpets, tapestries, runners, bags and pillows. "The process of creating the fabric is self-made from start to finish, starting from obtaining the material, transforming it into a wool thread, designing the pattern and weaving" - says Ms Lucyna.

In addition to thematic compositions related to the life of the countryside and rituals, Mrs. Lucyna develops her own patterns and solutions. The artist's works contribute to the ethnographic collections of museums, including in Warsaw, Toruń, Białystok, Lublin and Kraków. We can also admire them in the Double Weaving Chamber in Janów.

The artist is a laureate of many competitions, and her works find buyers both in Poland and abroad. "baking bread", which inspired the creation of a beautiful large-format mural at ul. Radzyminska in Białystok. The mural entitled "Woven Tale" shows a boy dressed in a costume decorated with Belarusian folk motifs, sitting on a tree trunk among forest ferns, with a motif made of Mrs. Lucyna's fabric above the boy.

Since 1985, the artist has been a member of the Association of Folk Artists in Lublin. Her studio is located on the Folk Handicraft Trail of the Podlaskie Voivodeship, where she conducts weaving workshops for tourists from Japan.

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