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miska drewniana -


Mr. Mieczysław Baranowski - an old age spoon maker.

He started his adventure with this faculty in 1972. At that time, skating was a very popular activity, often whole families worked on its production. Mainly in winter, when there were less other activities on the farm.

The Central Folk and Art Industry Central, so-called CEPELIA, dealing in the sale of folk and artistic handicrafts. The products of folk artists found regular recipients ensuring the existence of the family.

Over time, the demand for wooden spoons has decreased. Today, only a handful of people do skating.

In his home village of Zamczysk, Mr. Mieczysław is the last representative of this profession.

He extended the offer of his products with bowls, cutting boards, slotted spoons, ladles, spatulas for frying pans, kopańki (kopań - a large oblong dish, a pan used to store food supplies, e.g. salted meat. .).

As in the past, he collects wood from the forest, cuts it down, and takes it to his studio. It works mainly in the alder tree and aspen. The tree is cut down in winter because frost prevents fungi and wood diseases from developing. Processing should be started as soon as possible, when the wood is still wet, then it is soft.

Mr Mieczysław uses simple tools to work: hatchets, carpenters - hatchets for gouging, planing knives

and honing.

It presents its products at fairs and handicraft fairs.

Mr. Mieczysław's studio is located on the Folk Handicraft Trail, you can look there and see what a real spoon skater works like.

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