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natural woods live


Mr. Łukasz - the owner of the Natural Woods Live company - said about himself:

My first adventure with wood began 27 years ago, when, together with a younger neighbor, we were building wooden vehicles that we could use to move ourselves.
There was also some work titled, wooden houses, flower beds, arbors, fences and much more.
During 2 years of work in a German sawmill, I got to know various innovative methods of drying and wood processing.
However, the real fascination was born with the usual everyday burning in the fireplace, when one day I discovered the beauty of winding in different types of wood. It charmed me completely, to such an extent that I felt sorry to burn every, even the smallest, piece.

I locked myself in my studio for six months, spent several hours a day there to develop my own product, a 100% natural ecological product, free of adhesives and varnishes. Intended for contact with food. I managed to achieve it and I would love to share with you what I have managed to create.

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