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Mr. Paweł Piechowski - potter from Podlasie - has been involved in this field of craftsmanship since childhood. In his family, his great-grandfather, grandfather and father were potters. Mr. Paweł, observing their work, learning the secrets of this profession, decided to continue the family tradition.

He created his first ceramic pots at the age of 9

He creates rare gray ceramics, also bisque ceramics - using traditional and brown technique - as well as glazed ceramics.

Its offer includes pots, bowls, mugs, mugs, bottles, jugs, pots, and in gray ceramics - traditional BUNKKA, SZABASÓWKA, Tajin, baking molds, bowls, jugs, and pots.

The clay needed to make the dishes is obtained from the area and processed by himself.

He regularly improves his workshop by participating in domestic and foreign workshops.

Today he is a specialized potter with many awards. In 2013, he received a scholarship from the Ministry of Culture and National Heritage in Warsaw.

Since 2004, he has been a member of the Folk Artists' Association.

Mr. Paweł's studio is located on the Folk Handicraft Trail, where he conducts workshops.

Paweł Piechowski
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