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We present you a clay lantern, straight from the potter's wheel. The lantern was made in a traditional pottery workshop in which Mr. Paweł, representing the fourth generation - was done by his father, grandfather and great-grandfather - rolls his vessels.

The lantern can be put up, you can hang it, the openwork patterns cast beautiful reflections. It will decorate the garden, terrace, balcony and gazebo.

Author and creator: Paweł Piechowski

Dimensions: height approx. 22 cm


The raw material for the production of dishes is clay, which the potter usually obtains in autumn and dumps it into a previously prepared pit. In winter, the clay freezes, which has a positive effect on its structure. During this time, the potter sprinkles the clay with water several times, pricks it with a pitchfork to make it soften.

Then the clay should be mixed well. For this purpose, it is beaten with a hammer or a wooden stick, cut into streams, moistened with water and compacted again into a block. Repeat these steps.

The clay should also be well deaerated - for this purpose, a piece of clay is cut off and thrown with great force so as to get rid of air bubbles. It is a long and important clay preparation process to obtain the right raw material.

Only now can we start turning on the potter's wheel. More..

ceramic lantern

Only 1 left in stock
  • Termin realizacji zamówienia wynosi 2-5 dni roboczych.                      Jeżeli zależy Państwu na szybszej realizacji zamówienia, proszę o takową informację, zamówienie zostanie zrealizowane w pierwszej kolejności. 

  • Color may slightly differ from that shown, depending on monitor settings.

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