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We present you a sheep wool tapestry made on manual horizontal weaving looms. Please do not be discouraged by uneven colors - it is an archival photo. On the tapestry, the author presented life in the countryside. In the farm, rams and chanterelles, a couple with baskets may return from mushroom picking, the angler catches fish, children play, and a geese goose leads along the middle of the road. Unusual decoration will enrich the look and add character to our rooms. The fabric can traditionally be hung on the wall. You can also spread it out on a table or on a bench. It looks beautiful in both classic and modern interiors.

Author and performer: Lucyna Kędzierska

Dimensions: W: 140 cm

LENGTH: 220 cm



On the horizontal looms, a linen fabric called double warp or double warp is created. The workshop is hemmed with two warps in contrasting colors, and the weaving uses two wefts in the colors of the warp. With a strip called "mycobacterium" the weaver moves the threads of the lower warp upwards, and the upper - downwards, and binds them with a weft of the same color. A fabric is created in which the left side is the negative of the right. The double warp fabric can be presented from two sides. Double warp weaving is currently practiced in Poland in only one region. In the north-eastern part of the country there is the Janów commune, where the ladies cultivate this beautiful, but difficult tradition. Outside the country, this technique is still used in Italy, Spain, Mexico and Peru, and in the old days it was known in many regions of Europe, in Poland carpets, bedspreads made by both professional weavers and housewives, decorated the altar steps of many churches, from the holidays they covered beds, and made of hard-to-reach wool, they were part of the bride's dowry.

decorative tapestry - GĄSKI double warp technique

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  • Weaving the fabric is a time-consuming activity, therefore the time of the contract, depending on the size of the fabric, may vary from 30 to 60 days. If you would like to know a more precise date, please contact us by phone: 694-755-158

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