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We present you a wooden bowl made by hand, using a traditional centuries-old method.

The bowl - cake stand has many uses. We can fill it with, for example, nuts, herbs, sweets, we can place candles in it, store small items, make decoupage on it, paint patterns by hand, put it and admire it.

The creator of this vessel is Mr. Mieczysław Baranowski, one of the last real spoon skaters. Mr. Mieczysław has been dealing with this matter since 1972. He does everything himself. He himself cuts a tree in the forest, pulls it home, roughly hews it with an ax, then chisels it out, and gives it its final shape. As Mr. Mieczysław says, such a cut piece of wood weighs 100 kilos, his back hurts, his hands hurt, but since he has been doing it for nearly 50 years, he will do it forever. More...


Material: alder 100%

Dimensions: length 24 cm

width 12 cm

height 3 cm

natural wooden bowl

Only 1 left in stock
  • The product was made of natural, raw wood. It is possible to store wet, damp and coloring products, after securing the wood with a suitable agent.

    Since wood is a natural product with unique graining, the product you buy will be slightly different from the one shown in the photo.

  • Termin realizacji zamówienia wynosi 2-5 dni roboczych. Jeżeli zależy Państwu na szybszej realizacji zamówienia, proszę o takową informację, zamówienie zostanie zrealizowane w pierwszej kolejności. 

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