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We present you a clay vase, the so-called SIWAK, straight from the potter's wheel. The vase was made in a traditional pottery workshop, where Mr. Paweł, representing the fourth generation - was done by his father, grandfather and great-grandfather - rolls his vessels.

SIWAKI are clay vessels whose beautiful graphite color is obtained thanks to a special firing technique. More ..

Our offer includes these unique products: pots, jugs, bowls, baking molds and other products. Apparently, dishes baked in gray tastes unique.

Author and creator: Paweł Piechowski

Dimensions: height approx. 14 cm



The raw material for the production of dishes is clay, which the potter usually obtains in autumn and dumps it into a previously prepared pit. In winter, the clay freezes, which has a positive effect on its structure. During this time, the potter sprinkles the clay with water several times, pricks it with a pitchfork to make it soften.

Then the clay should be mixed well. For this purpose, it is beaten with a hammer or a wooden stick, cut into streams, moistened with water and compacted again into a block. Repeat these steps.

The clay should also be well deaerated - for this purpose, a piece of clay is cut off and thrown with great force so as to get rid of air bubbles. It is a long and important clay preparation process to obtain the right raw material.

Only now can we start turning on the potter's wheel. More..

SIWAK vase

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  • Termin realizacji zamówienia wynosi 2-5 dni roboczych.                      Jeżeli zależy Państwu na szybszej realizacji zamówienia, proszę o takową informację, zamówienie zostanie zrealizowane w pierwszej kolejności. 

  • Kolor może nieznacznie różnić się od przedstawionego, w zależności od ustawień monitora. Ze względu na ręczne wykonanie - wymiary wyrobu mogą nieznacznie różnić się od podanego. 

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