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We present you a lace bracelet, made of two colors of metallized threads: silver and red. Hand-made jewelry made of tatting lace is characterized by a delicate, sophisticated appearance. However, its durability is not inferior to other types of lace. Opal threads - silver, gold, copper-colored - in the hands of our creator turn into miracles that ennoble the appearance of evening dresses, ball gowns, trousers, and formal dresses.

Material: Madeira metallized threads

Design author and performer: Magdalena Bodnarowska

Dimensions: Length 17 cm

bracelet ALICJA III different colors - tatting

Only 4 left in stock
  • Termin realizacji zamówienia wynosi 2-5 dni roboczych.                      Jeżeli zależy Państwu na szybszej realizacji zamówienia, proszę o takową informację, zamówienie zostanie zrealizowane w pierwszej kolejności. 

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